What are the best scuba tanks?

What are the best scuba tanks?

What is a scuba tank?

A scuba tank is a small piece of diving equipment that allows you to breathe underwater and explore the ocean floor as you would on a regular dive. The difference is mainly in the autonomy and the way the tank is filled. Contrary to a 15 liter tank for example, a 0.8 L scuba tank will have about 12 minutes of autonomy under water. Moreover, it will be possible to fill your 0.8 L tank yourself to 200 bars, unlike a 12 L tank, which you will have to fill in a diving center. A manual pump allows you to refill your 0.5 L tank in about 20 minutes.  

How do I use a scuba tank?

As with conventional diving equipment or with a mask and snorkel, all you need to do is equip yourself with your mini scuba tank to practice scuba diving. You will be able to go without difficulty to a few meters of depth and spend 15 minutes underwater. 

Unlike a traditional scuba tank, it is very easy to equip yourself and the lightness of the product makes it easy to carry.

And unlike a snorkel gear, it will allow you to spend many minutes underwater without being underwater. You will be able to explore the sea bed for a longer period of time without coming to the surface to breathe.

Then to fill your tank, you will just have to use your hand pump or compressor, to be completely autonomous. You will not need to go anywhere to fill your tank and recharge it directly from your dive site or home.

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What are the best scuba tanks?

The market leader in scuba diving tanks is undoubtedly MiniDive. They have a wide range of products that allow you to choose between several tank sizes and multiple filling methods. You will be able to find on their website the different tanks below:

- The MiniDive Evo (0.2 L), Evo+ (0.35 L) and Air (0.5 L), which allow you to have from 2 to 10 minutes of autonomy underwater, by having the bottle directly in your mouth thanks to their regulator head

- The MiniDive Pro (0.5 L) and Pro+ (0.8 L) which offer 5 to 15 minutes of underwater autonomy. These aluminum cylinders allow for compactness and autonomy and are the first launched by the company.

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- The MiniDive Carbon (0.5 L), Carbon+ (1.1 L), Carbon Max (2 L) which combine lightness and great autonomy. They will give you the possibility to stay up to 40 minutes underwater!

Among all its competitors, MiniDive is the only one to offer such a large choice of cylinders in order to meet the customer's needs as best as possible. This diversity and its numerous filling methods allow MiniDive to last over time and to always remain at the forefront of innovation. 

Where can I find self-contained diving cylinders?

All MiniDive products can be found in packs with a large choice of filling methods such as

- The manual pump that allows you to fill cylinders up to 0.5 L without electricity. It will be able to refill your cylinder up to 200 bars. 

- The filling stations (DIN or stirrup) which allow you to fill your mini cylinder up to 0.8 L by transferring the air from a large cylinder.

- The 12 V compressor which by connecting to a 12 V battery will recharge your bottles up to 0.8 L. Its option with the converter will also give you the possibility of connecting it to the mains and using it with 220 V. Its very light weight and compactness will also make it your best ally for travel.

- The 220 V compressor that can fill all MiniDive cylinders quickly by plugging directly into the mains. This remains the best way to fill your tanks if you want to dive frequently.

You can find all the suits on the website:

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How much does a scuba tank cost?

Depending on the package chosen on the website, the price of the products will vary from 300€ for the simplest package to 2700€ for the most advanced package. This wide range of products allows us to adapt to all budgets and to find the best solution for your needs.

The advantage is that for each of these packs, you will be completely autonomous, because you will be able to refill your bottle thanks to the provided filling means.

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