Mini scuba tank decathlon review ?

Mini scuba tank decathlon review ?

Our opinion about decathlon mini scuba tanks ?

First of all, it should be noted that there is no such thing as a decathlon mini tank. 

Despite the richness of the decathlon product range as far as scuba diving is concerned, there is no ready to use mini tank system. You will be able to buy snorkel systems or a normal scuba tank, but not a ready to use small scuba tank.

Decathlon will however offer a large quantity of quality accessories and equipment for all kinds of water activities (swimming, snorkeling, diving etc.). You will also have the choice to order directly on the Decathlon website, or to go and see in store for a better view before buying your underwater exploration equipment.

Where to find a Decathlon mini tank?

If you want to order a mini tank, you will have to go to another manufacturer than Decathlon, which does not offer this kind of products.

For example, you can find a wide range of products on the MiniDive website, which remains the market leader for this type of product since their creation in 2016.

They offer many variations of scuba tanks (with for example a 1 liter carbon scuba tank) and many other products, such as filling means (compressors, pumps etc) or even buoyancy aid systems (safety buoy).

You can find all these products and MiniDive packs on their website: 

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There are three categories of MiniDive tanks:

- The so-called safety products, with the MiniDive Evo (0.2 L) and the MiniDive Evo+ (0.35 L) which, with their regulator head, allow you to breathe underwater for a few minutes by having the cylinder directly in your mouth.

- Aluminum cylinders, with the MiniDive Pro (0.5 L) and the MiniDive Pro+ (0.8 L) which have respectively an average autonomy under water of 7 min and 12 min.

- Carbon cylinders, with the MiniDive Carbon (0.5 L), MiniDive Carbon+ (1.1 L) and MiniDive Carbon Max (2 L) which have an average underwater autonomy of 11 min, 22 min and 30 min respectively.

The means of refilling vary according to the size of the bottle chosen:

- The manual pump which allows to fill the bottles up to 0.5 L. It has a maximum pressure of 200 bar.

- The filling stations that allow to transfer air from a large cylinder to a MiniDive cylinder up to 0.8 L.

- The 12 V compressor for recharging cylinders up to 0.8 L also.

- The 220 V compressor to recharge all MiniDive cylinders, from 0.2 L to 2 L.

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Thanks to this wide range, you will have the choice between several combinations, so that it will correspond to your needs as much as possible.

MiniDive gives the choice between several delivery methods and guarantees a very good quality of return and exchange delivery to its customers.

Moreover, each product is delivered with a detailed user manual, so that underwater exploration and filling of the cylinders is done safely. The MiniDive team also remains at the disposal of the customers before the order, to have more information on the products or afterwards within the framework of an after sale service. They also strongly listen to the users, in order to always improve the products and answer to the maximum of their expectations.

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Decathlon mini tank price ?

On the MiniDive website, you will not be able to order a hunting snorkeling system, but you will be able to find for example a pack composed of a 2 liter carbon tank with a compressor. This last one will be at the price of 1849€ and will allow you to have a very good autonomy under water while guaranteeing you to be able to fill your bottle yourself thanks to the 220 V compressor.  Thanks to the filters provided with the compressor, you will be able to fill your bottle 50 times in a few minutes, just by connecting it to the MiniComp, which plugs directly into the mains.

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More globally, all MiniDive products are in a price range from 300€ to 2600€.

This price range includes all the packs that allow you to be completely autonomous, whether it is for diving or for recharging.

Depending on your budget and your needs you can adapt your choice to the product that best suits you.

Thanks to MiniDive, scuba diving is within everyone's reach.

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