Our selection of small scuba tanks

Our selection of small scuba tanks

What is a small dive cylinder?

The term "small tank" refers to all tanks with a volume of less than 2L. This type of diving tank arrived on the market a few years ago and has more recently experienced a boom with the desire to explore the sea bed more easily. These diving equipments allow to democratize scuba diving by offering a few minutes of autonomy under water to its users. These small-sized products can be carried everywhere and easily refilled with a hand pump or a compressor.

What are our best small tanks for diving?

There are many MiniDive cylinders divided into several categories:

- The safety products with the MiniDive Evo (0.2 L) and Evo+ (0.35 L), which allow you to have a few minutes of autonomy underwater by having the cylinder directly in your mouth thanks to its regulator head.

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- Aluminum cylinders with the MiniDive Pro (0.5 L) and Pro+ (0.8 L) which have an average autonomy of 7 and 12 minutes respectively.

- Carbon cylinders with the MiniDive Carbon (0.5 L), Carbon+ (1.1 L) and Carbon Max (2 L) which offer respectively an average autonomy of 11, 22 and 30 minutes under water.

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In addition, MiniDive has recently developed a new product with the MiniDive Air to give more autonomy to a cylinder with a regulator head.  This cylinder allows you to go up to 3 meters deep with the cylinder directly in your mouth and to stay up to 10 minutes underwater.

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In order to propose a range of totally autonomous products, MiniDive also offers the possibility to order filling means:

- The manual pump, which allows to fill the bottles up to 0.5 L at 200 bar in 15 minutes.

- The DIN filling station and the bracket, to fill cylinders up to 0.8 L by transferring the air from a large diving cylinder.

- The 12 V compressor, for recharging cylinders up to 0.8 L by simply plugging into a battery, or by plugging into a socket with the converter.

- The 220 V compressor, to recharge all sizes of MiniDive cylinders faster.

Where to find small diving cylinders?

You can find all MiniDive products and packs on the website:

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All the packs are made up so that the customer is completely autonomous, both in terms of diving and refilling. They give the possibility to the user to fully enjoy the sea bed and discover scuba diving.

Each product is also accompanied by a user's manual that gives all the instructions for using the products in complete safety. 

What is the price of a small diving tank?

The price of a small diving tank varies between $300 and $2,600.

One of the first packs consists of a MiniDive Air (0.5 L) with a manual pump for 399€. This pack allows you to have up to 10 minutes of autonomy underwater by having the bottle directly in your mouth. The manual pump allows to recharge the MiniDive Air in about 15 minutes. 

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The optimal pack for autonomy includes two MiniDive Carbon Max (2 L) with a 220 V compressor at the price of 2600€.

This pack allows to have 30 minutes of autonomy on average underwater and to dive with two people, thanks to its couple of tanks. The 220 V compressor will allow you to fill the bottles yourself by being connected to the mains. The compressor is delivered with filter bags allowing up to fifty complete refills of the bottles.

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